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How to join the SpookyMC Discord

The official SpookyMC Discord is where you can voice chat with your friends from the SpookyMC Minecraft server. It requires you to connect your Minecraft account to your Discord account.

The Official SpookyMC Discord links are:


Joining the SpookyMC Discord

1. Go to this Link, and Click Join Server

2. After Joining, Turn on your DMs Temporarily on our server, go to the #✅︱verify channel and type:


3. The Bot Linker#4149 will DM you with the following format

4. Join SpookyMC Minecraft Server at

5. Execute the Command told by the bot within 5 minutes.

The Format should be /link Discord <code>

6.  Then you should get a confirmation message in Minecraft 

7. And you're done! You are now connected to the SpookyMC Discord.

If you are still having issues, contact for further assistance.