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Downloading Discord

In this article, we will cover what Discord is and how to download it.

Discord is a voice application that allows you to voice and text chat with users from all over the SpookyMC Server.

 What is Discord?

Discord is a computer and mobile software that allows users to voice chat with others in their channel, much like a telephone conference call. The SpookyMC Discord has text channels linked to the voice channels so that users can type as well as voice chat. You can see here on how to join the Official SpookyMC Discord.


 How to download Discord?

Type "Discord" into a search engine of your choice and click on the downloads page from Alternatively, you can just go directly to to start your download process.

You will see a page with download links for different computers, choose which is appropriate for you. Once downloaded, please run the downloaded file to start the program.

And that's it! Welcome to Discord.
If you would like to join our official SpookyMC Discord please click here.