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How to Join SpookyMC



The SpookyMC server IP address is:


Any other Minecraft versions, such as Windows 10, Pocket Edition, or Console versions are currently not working, sorry.


How to join SpookyMC

You will need to download Minecraft Java Edition to play. 


Navigate to the Multiplayer Menu


Adding a Server

To add the SpookyMC Minecraft Server to your multiplayer server list, click the Add Server button on the bottom right of the menu.


Typing the Server Address

Insert the server address into the Server Address bar, and optionally change the server name to anything you wish.

In case you missed it...

The SpookyMC server IP address is:


Joining SpookyMC

To join the SpookyMC Minecraft Server, click on the server in your multiplayer server list, and click the Join Server button.